Let’s Promote the Vote Murals!

In an effort to increase voter turnout and local civic engagement in the 2020 federal elections, the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC) commissioned seven local artists to mount temporary public art murals that encourage Montgomery County residents in traditionally marginalized ‘hard to count’ communities to VOTE!


Click on the name to see each artist’s mural concept, location, and contact info.
Greg Mort

Concept: VOTE Together, with the letters VOTE arranged in a square, using patriotic palette and imagery.

Mid County Location
Wheaton Metro Station facing new town plaza

Website: gregmortcollection.com

Social Media: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Paige Friedman

Concept: Red dots meant to represent people the community has lost due to COVID-19, leaving white dots to represent people still alive and spelling out the word VOTE.

Mid County Location
Wheaton Park and Planning near Wheaton Clock Tower

Website: PeijisanArt.com

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Arlette Jassel

Concept: A mother and child in a stroller full of groceries walks by a wall with the word VOTE in several languages: English, Spanish, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Amharic.

Mid County Location
Westfield Wheaton Mall Entrance 6

UpCounty Location
Frederick Rd and Stringtown Rd

East County Location
White Oak Transit Center 

Website: arlettejassel.com

Social Media: Facebook

Dinah Myers Schroeder

Concept: VOTE with V as a checkmark in front of a multi-colored background.

UpCounty Location

Montgomery Village Ave and Frederick Rd

Downtown Silver Spring Location
Silver Spring Civic Building

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Davide Prete

Concept: VOTE in sign language.

UpCounty Location
Germantown Rd and Middlebrook Rd 

East County Location
Castle Blvd Transit Stop (Near Capital Bikeshare Station) 

Website: davideprete.com

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Brian Williams

Concept: Side profile of a woman standing next to a bold word that says VOTE, with a fist representing the O.

Downtown Silver Spring Location
Mayor’s Alley

Website: briankwilliams.wixsite.com/the-skrib


East County Location
Willow Manor Sign (Near East County Regional Center)

Social Media: Instagram

Julianna Weidemann

Concept: Red flowers with letters in the center of each that spell out VOTE.


Downtown Silver Spring Location
8722 Flower Ave



Thank you to the Montgomery County Regional Services Center managers in Upcounty, Mid-County, Eastern Montgomery, and Silver Spring for working with us to find locations for the murals. Special thanks to Image360 DC-Silver Spring for printing the beautiful vinyl!


  1. Remove barriers and galvanize residents into action
  2. Encourage residents in ‘hard to count‘ communities to make their voices heard and exercise their right to vote
  3. Increase Montgomery County’s voter turnout in the 2020 elections
  4. Support and provide opportunities for Montgomery County artists to work


Artists installed two to three murals in four Montgomery County regional areas: East County, Mid-County, Silver Spring, and Upcounty. Murals will remain through November 3, 2020. Please select an artist for their specific mural location(s).