Marketing Toolkit: Promote the Vote

Welcome to the Marketing Toolkit for Let’s Promote the Vote Murals Project. Our goal is to provide you with tools and resources to successfully promote and market this initiative and your mural.

Standard Language and Phrasing

  1. When referencing this initiative to the press and on social media please use: Let’s Promote the Vote Murals Project, a public art initiative commissioned by the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County 
  2. When referencing your projects please include: the location of your mural 
  3. When referencing the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County please use: Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County or AHCMC

Swiss Cheese Announcements

Announce your selection as a muralist for this initiative!


Artists must include AHCMC’s white logo in the bottom right corner of each design. The logo must be at least 8.5″ x 5″ on the murals.

QR Code

Artists must incorporate this QR code in your design.

Press Release

Press Coverage

Initiative Hashtag

#MoCoProVote is the official hashtag for this initiative. Using this will aggregate all of your individual posts into a central hashtag so that when someone clicks on it, they will see everyone’s posts about their projects in the same place. Please include #MoCoProVote in your social media posts alongside any other related hashtags you want to use.

  • Examples of additional relatable hashtags (feel free to use any other hashtags you want)
    #vote #2020Election #mural #publicart

Social Media Handles

Tag us when posting on social media. We want to engage with and share your posts about your work!

  • Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County
    Facebook: @creativemoco
    Twitter: @creativemoco


Click the folder below to send us images and short videos of your projects in Sharepoint. Please title your photos and videos with the name of your project and image credits. e.g. MoCo Votes by Brittney Dubose_photo credit: Sierra Smith




Please send all questions and inquiries to