Hoot, sweet.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to write a love letter to my preferred choice of Twitter client: HootSuite.
Dear HootSuite,
It’s just been a couple of months, but already I see a difference in how I manage AHCMC’s Twitter account. When I used to update through Twitter’s website, I just wasn’t happy. I was going to bit.ly (remember him?) for my URL-shortening needs, then copying and pasting them in Twitter’s web client, then going back to bit.ly to track click-throughs. It was just not working for me.
But you! You billed yourself as “The Professional E-mail Client” and offered me stability, security and efficiency, and I can never thank you enough. Oh, what the heck — I’ll come out and say it — here it goes:
HootSuite, I love you. Let me count the ways:

  • You let me shorten my URLs and track them. No more copying and pasting bit.ly URLs and loading bit.ly to check how many click-throughs each link got — you’ve got it all.
  • You let me schedule tweets. You know I’m busy. This might be counter-intuitive to the rapid fire nature of Twitter, but when I have four or five announcement tweets to send in a day, you let me write them and schedule them throughout the day.
  • You let me see my feed, mentions, direct messages and sent tweets in one screen. I have to scroll sideways, but it’s all there. I’ve even added a box for our arts and humanities organizations list so I won’t miss their tweets.

There are more reasons, but it’s so early in our relationship, I shouldn’t gush. Just know that you rock my socks.
Thanks, Hootsuite. See you tomorrow.

(Think I’ve fallen for the wrong Twitter client? Let me know what you think and comment below!)