Mulgrew Miller

The Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival is a week away! Here are some thoughts from one of the weekend’s featured artists and jazz pianist extraordinaire, Mulgrew Miller.
What initially attracted you to Jazz music?
The ability and opportunity to creatively express one’s self at a high level of musical integrity was what I found most enticing about Jazz
When was the moment you realized you had a passion and desire to learn and perform Jazz?
My passion happened in an instant when I saw pianist Oscar Peterson on a late talk show in 1970.
Who are two people who were influential in your early education as a Jazz musician?
Two people who were influential in my early studies of jazz were pianist, James Williams and LA saxophonist Rudolph Johnson, both deceased.
As an artist performing nationally and internationally, what are a few reasons you find it’s important to perform at the MAJF?
The MAJF offers a vast number of artist who will play together are not usually heard in that combination or context.
Tell us a bit about the impact that Jazz festivals had on your growth as musician during your early years as a performer.
Playing in Jazz Festivals gives one the experience of playing for large audiences. It also affords one the opportunity to hang out and hear other musicians.
Visit Mulgrew Miller’s website at The Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival will be held at the Hilton Rockville from Friday, February 19 to Sunday, February 21. More information is available at