Volunteer Blog Salon: Kathy Bell

AHCMC is celebrating Community Service Week (October 16-22) by hosting this Volunteer Blog Salon, featuring stories of volunteers at arts and humanities organizations in Montgomery County. For more information about Community Service Week, click here.
I first came to BlackRock Center for the Arts before the building even opened, when they had free summer concerts on the lawn. I bought 10 chances on a series of tickets to future events, and I won 17 pairs of tickets! There were so many upcoming events – jazz, bluegrass, coffeehouse, dance, classical, and others – that I could not wait for the building to open. After attending so many events, I was hooked forever on BlackRock!
When I realized I could volunteer there and interact with many people, especially kids, and still see the shows, I was a lifetime fan. Now I purchase a few tickets but volunteer for lots of shows, and especially the kids’ shows. I love to see the children when they peer into the theater and see the barn for “Charlotte’s Web,” the closet for “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,” or strange-looking percussion instruments ready to make odd noises. The kids are wide-eyed and thrilled, and as they leave, when I ask them if they liked the show, they bubble up with excitement and tell me all about it. One little girl was speechless and just hugged me around the knees. What a reward for doing something that’s so much fun!
I hope to be a part of the BlackRock family for a long time to come – it is a major and important part of my life.
– Kathy Bell