Arts & Humanities Advocate Spotlight: Sharon Ann Holt

We’ve made today the day for the cultural community in Montgomery County to voice their support for the arts and humanities to the County Executive and County Council! Here’s what Sharon Ann Holt, Executive Director of Sandy Spring Museum sent:

You have shown in past years the wisdom to keep investing in the arts and humanities, and we thank you for that visionary leadership. As you know, those investments have a profound positive REVENUE impact beyond their cultural and social positives.
In 2009, arts and humanities organizations provided 2852 jobs and engaged 6435 volunteers or a total workforce of 9217. Moreover, every $1 invested by Montgomery County in the arts and humanities was matched by $14.26 in city/state/federal and private dollars.
As we face the future as an increasingly diverse community, the arts and cultural organizations will be ones holding it all together and teaching people how to cherish and respect their neighbors. To be able to do that while supporting jobs and multiplying the impact of the county’s support FOURTEEN TIMES means the arts and humanities are a superb investment in even the hardest economic times.

Sharon, thank you for stepping up and taking action!
As we’ve said before, YOU are the best advocate for the arts and humanities. If you’ve sent an e-mail to the Montgomery County Executive and County Council through their online form (I hope you have), feel free to send us a copy. You may see it here on our blog!
Need a place to start? Visit our Take Action page for sample text for your e-mail to Montgomery County.