Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC)

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an individual artist or humanities scholar.  Am I eligible for a grant?

Our Grants to Individual Artists and Scholars are available for individual artists and humanities scholars. To be eligible, you must be a resident of Montgomery County for at least the past 12 months and be at least 21 years old.  You also must be a practicing artist or scholar with demonstrated ability in the art or humanities discipline of your proposed project.  You may also be an individual or a group of individuals who have a history of working together or collaborating on projects, such as a musical ensemble. 

We also offer individuals and groups of individuals who work together the opportunity to be listed on our Artists and Scholars Roster for Community Programs.  This Roster is available online for any organization to use to book a performance, presentation or workshop at their venue.  Applicants for the Roster do not need to be based in Montgomery County, but must be available for bookings in the County.  To be included on the Roster, you must apply and have your materials evaluated by a review panel.  To see the current Roster, click here.  For more information about the requirements, go to Overview for Individuals or see the guidelines for the Artists and Scholars Roster for Community Programs.  In addition, grants are available to qualified community-based organizations located in Montgomery County that serve underserved populations to book artists and scholars who are listed on the Roster.  (See Overview for Community Organizations.)

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We are a group or organization.  Are we eligible for a grant?

We offer grants to groups and organizations based in Montgomery County and serving the residents of the County.  Several types of organizations are eligible, as follows:

  • 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is related to an arts or humanities discipline, such as a theater, an orchestra or a historical society.  For more information, please see Overview for Arts and Humanities Organizations.
  • Groups of affiliated individual artists or scholars who regularly work together but are not incorporated.  For more information, please see Overview for Individuals.
  • Community-based organizations that serve underserved populations, such as senior living facilities and programs for at-risk children.  For more information, please see Overview for Community Organizations.

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If I want a grant, how do I get started?

Read the overview page and see if one of the categories seems to meet your situation.  Consult the grant guidelines that appear to fit your needs.

Think about the following questions:

  1. Do I (we) meet the eligibility requirements for the grant?
  2. Does my project or program appear to be eligible for funding?
  3. Do I have all of the materials that are required to be submitted or can I get them assembled in time to apply?

If you are uncertain about the answers to any of these questions, or would like to discuss your potential for a grant with a staff member, please do not hesitate to call our grants staff at 301-565-3805. 

Further information and assistance are available at our grant preparation workshops.  Workshops are scheduled prior to the deadline of each specific grant category.  At these workshops, staff will explain how to fill out the application and how your application will be evaluated.

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When are grant applications due?

All AHCMC grants applications must be submitted online. Please consult the guidelines for the grant for which you are applying to verify the date and time that your application is due.
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Is it okay to call your office with questions?

Our grants staff is happy to answer any question, no matter how small.  We realize that you may be applying for a grant for the very first time.  And even if you have applied for grants before, different questions arise every time.  Please call 301-565-3805 and ask to speak to a staff person with regard to grants.  

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How much money is available for grants?

Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC) is fortunate to receive regular annual funding from the Montgomery County government for grants.  The amount we receive varies each year depending on the availability of funds in the County budget.  However, we are very fortunate that our elected officials generously support our grants program. In each grant category, we have sufficient funds to make a significant number of grants in proportion to the number of applications.  Typically, we fund from 40 to 60 percent of the applications that are submitted, although many are not funded for the total amount requested.

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How do you decide which applications to fund?

The staff convenes a group of people with experience and expertise in the field to review the applications. This group of people is referred to as the grants review panel.  A separate review panel is organized for each type of grant.  The panels usually consist of four or five people.  When they meet, they review the applications based on the evaluation criteria listed in the grant guidelines.  The panel scores each application and then agrees on a score below which they recommend no funding.  

Panel meetings are open to the public.  Applicants are notified by e-mail of the date of the panel meeting during which their applications will be considered.  You also may call the office (301-565-3805) to inquire about panel meeting dates.

The staff considers the panel scores and the amount of funds available and develops funding recommendations.  These recommendations are sent to AHCMC’s Grants Committee that is made up of members of AHCMC’s Board of Directors and members of the community who have grants experience in a variety of fields.  The Grants Committee reviews the staff’s recommendations and evaluates them.  They then approve these recommendations, or approve them with modifications, and send their action forward to AHCMC’s Board of Directors for final approval of the grants.

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