Expanding Access, Supporting Growth, and Investing Locally

Dear Colleagues,

2019 is well underway and we are in full swing – engaging and supporting the arts and humanities ecosystem in Montgomery County! To all our colleagues who were impacted by the recent government shutdown, we are excited to have had you back with us and grateful the furlough has temporarily ended. It is our hope that good minds will continue to work together to find a solution that brings stability and ensures the government remains open without further interruptions. The Arts and Humanities Council thanks you for your continued work and commitment to strengthening the creative economy during this challenging time.

We also want to send our gratitude to everyone who offered free and discounted opportunities, not only for our comrades, but for all furloughed government employees. The support you showed was indicative of how the arts and humanities are critical to our society. They are a fundamental part of creating and maintaining a healthy community. As stated in Americans for the Arts’ Americans Speak Out About the Arts in 2018 study, 81% or 4 in 5 Americans believe that the arts are a positive experience in a troubled world. The impact you had will not soon be forgotten. We are confident that should another shutdown occur, our Arts and Humanities sector will be ready to open our doors and hearts to those in need again.

Moving forward, it is also critical that our arts community continue to rally behind one another as we champion funding for the arts at Maryland Arts Day on February 14. Join us for this statewide advocacy event, celebrating Maryland’s arts community and the role we play in the economic and cultural vitality of the state! Let’s do our part to ensure that all voices are heard, and that Montgomery County’s culturally diverse community continues to thrive. Register here.

As always, thank you for sharing our commitment to creating an equitable playing field for all Montgomery County residents. Our unified efforts ensure we will expand access to cultural expression and continue producing excellence in the arts and humanities.

Suzan Jenkins,