Cooperative Advertising

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None at this time 06/01/2022


Website Run of site Banner/Medium Rectangle ads: These ads (medium rectangles and leaderboards) run on virtually every page of, including all Bethesda Beat pages.

  • On average, these ads get 120,000 ad impressions per month.
  • Run of ad: 1 month
  • Discounted price for MarketPower Subscribers: $650 (regular price: $1,275)

Bethesda Beat Sponsored Content ads: These ads appear in Bethesda Beat, both online and in the Bethesda Beat daily newsletter with more than 10,000 opt-in subscribers.

  • Sponsored Content ads consist of a headline, a brief description and a photo—and they link to content on the advertiser’s web site.
  • Run of ad: 1 week (Monday through Sunday)
  • Discounted price for MarketPower Subscribers: $650 (regular price: $1,275)

Special Offer Emails: These dedicated promotional emails are sent to an opt-in list of more than 24,000 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  

  • On average, the emails have an 18 percent open rate.
  • Discounted price for arts organizations: $750 per email (regular price: $1,175)


The Washington Post – 50% off of cooperative advertising in the Post’s Montgomery County Local Living section. We also run cooperative ads in the Post’s Summer Camp Guide and the Weekend Section’s Summer Concert Guide.


Bethesda Magazine – 50% off of cooperative print advertising in the four most popular issues of Bethesda Magazine: Sept/Oct, Nov/Dec, March/April, May/June) and 50% off of digital advertising opportunities for Bethesda Beat distributed monthly.



Bethesda Magazine Washington Post



Cooperative AD RSVPs Due Ad Materials Due Distribution Date
Bethesda Magazine Sep./Oct. Issue Jul. 2022 Jul. 2022 Aug. 2022
Washington Post Local Living Fall Arts Preview Mid-Aug.2022 Late-Aug. 2022
Early-Sept. 2022
Bethesda Magazine Nov./Dec. Issue Aug. 2022
Aug. 2022
Oct. 2022
Washington Post Local Living Holiday Arts Preview Mid-Oct. 2022
Late-Oct. 2022
Mid-Nov. 2022
Washington Post Magazine Holiday Arts Issue
Late-Sept. 2022 Mid-Oct. 2022 Mid-Nov. 2022
Washington Post Summer Camp Guide 1 Late-Dec. 2022 Late-Jan. 2022 Mid-Feb. 2023
Bethesda Magazine Mar./Apr. Issue Mid-Dec. 2022
Early-Jan. 2023
Late-Feb. 2023
Washington Post Summer Camp Guide 2
Early-Feb. 2023 Late-Feb. 2023 Mid-March 2023
Washington Post Local Living Spring Arts Preview TBD TBD TBD
Washington Post Magazine Spring Arts Preview TBD TBD TBD
Bethesda Magazine May/June  Early-March. 2023  Mid-March. 2023  Late-Apr. 2023
Washington Post Weekend – Summer Concert Guide Black and White  TBD  TBD  TBD