FY15 Budget Moves MoCo Culture Forward

The County Executive’s Budget for the Arts & Humanities Includes Critical Increases to  Grants + More

I am pleased to share with you this tremendous news!  On March 17th, County Executive Isiah Leggett announced his recommendations for Montgomery County’s FY 15 Operating Budget, which included a considerable increase in funding for the arts and humanities, and supports an exciting new grant category to activate the Wheaton Arts & Entertainment District!

The County Executive proposed a total budget of $4,232,700 for the Arts and Humanities Council – an increase of $440,000 from FY 14. This budget proposal includes $90,000 in funds for grants to support cultural activity in the Wheaton Arts & Entertainment District. The County’s overall budget also includes recommendations of $1,111,000 for the FY15 CIP Grants, an extension of the CIP budget through 2020 for arts and humanities organizations, and $140,000 for the Public Art Trust.

Here’s how this funding breaks down:

$2,761,563 —for large organization grants
(a $250,000 increase)

for small, midsize, artist/scholar grants
(a $100,000 increase)

for Advancement Grants
• $349,330
for the Arts and Humanities Council Administration
$200,000for Matching funds for proceeds from the Executive’s Ball
$90,000 for activating the Wheaton A&E district  (a new category!)

Total Funding for the Arts & Humanities Council: $4,232,700

$1,111,000for the FY15 CIP Grants
for the public Arts Trust

For a total of $5,483,700 for FY15 for our sector!

Overall, this is exciting news and we thank County Executive Ike Leggett for recognizing, once again, that investing in the arts and humanities is a strong investment in the vitality, safety, and livability of Montgomery County. By increasing the County’s investment in arts and humanities organizations, artists and scholars, we are able to leverage taxpayer dollars to generate more jobs, foster greater economic activity and enhance the quality of life factors that all County residents value so highly.

While we have much to celebrate, our advocacy efforts have only just begun! With these numbers, our strategy will be to encourage the County Council to adopt the budget County Executive Ike Leggett has recommended. Here’s how I hope you can get involved:

I encourage you to contact to County Executive today and simply say this: “Thank You!” His email address and social media contacts can be found HERE

Also, plan to attend our Advocacy Potluck on April 10th at 5:30 pm. This will be an ideal opportunity to speak directly with the County Council to thank them for their support and hard work, as well as to encourage them to accept the County Executives budget recommendations.

Also, click HERE to sign up for our Advocacy Alerts – it’s the best way to stay updated on our advocacy efforts.

As always, thank you for all you do – I look forward to staying in touch.

Onward! Upward!