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Dear Councilmember [LAST NAME HERE],

Thank you for your past support of funding for the arts and humanities in the Montgomery County Operating Budget, and for supporting creative placemaking through the Public Arts Trust. I know that many difficult decisions will be made during this budget season, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration on behalf of Montgomery County's cultural community.

We are grateful that the County Executive has proposed flat funding for the arts and humanities, and encourage you to support his recommendation. We are also hopeful that you will consider Montgomery County Arts Advocates proposal to increase funding for the arts and humanities by $500,000 through the reconciliation budget, augmenting investment in the cultural fabric of our community that supports economic development, diversifies social service programs, develops a diverse 21st century workforce, and adds to a modern quality-of-life that current and future residents look for in Montgomery County.


The arts and humanities community gives back to the local economy through expenditures on everything from paper clips and cans of paint to employee compensation and contracts for services. This spending in turn creates $84 Million in household income, generates $15 Million in local and state tax revenue, and support 3,807 full-time equivalent jobs in Montgomery County.

We believe that investing in the arts and humanities creates a measurable impact in the vibrancy, livability, and desirability of our community and supports, diversifies, and strengthens our local economy.

Thanks again for your past and continued support of [INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION (if applicable)] and the greater arts and humanities community in Montgomery County!



[YOUR TITLE (if applicable)]

[YOUR ORGANIZATION] (if applicable)

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