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About the Public Art Trust

The mission of the Public Arts Trust is to build and inspire communities through place-making, to nurture artists engaged in public art, and care for the County’s extensive collection of public art. County-owned artwork under the jurisdiction of Trust may be found throughout the County - in schools, parks, plazas, libraries, and in county government office buildings like the EOB, the COB, the Judicial Center and Health and Human Services. The collection is clustered in three main types of places: public schools, or the urban centers of Bethesda and Silver Spring. Half of the County’s artworks are in one of those locations. Beyond that, the collection is fairly well dispersed throughout the urbanized areas of the I-270 corridor, less well represented on older arterial corridors in East County and in second-ring residential areas just outside the Beltway. The people of Montgomery County interact with the County’s Public Art collection every day. 

Public Art Guidelines

AHCMC is proud to share our recently adopted Montgomery County Public Art Guidelines, a collaboration with our colleagues at the Montgomery County Planning Department. These guidelines both celebrate Montgomery County's existing collection of public art, commissioned by the County and private developers, and provide  parameters for successful projects.  Click here

Public Art Roadmap

In 2014, The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County embarked on a “Roadmap” process that will chart new directions for public art in the County – where it should be located, what types of projects should be developed, and how it should foster community life, economic vitality and cultural diversity. Learn more about this process and the Roadmap by clicking here.

Public Art Trust Committee

The Trust is guided by a Steering Committee that includes artists, business representatives, at-large members of the community and staff from County departments and agencies, including the County Department of General Services and the Parks Department of M-NCPPC.

Christopher Anderson, Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Sean Gallagher, Montgomery County Public Schools
Catherine Matthews, Montgomery County, Upcounty Region
Hamid Omidvar, Department of Planning and Implementation
Greg Ossant, Department of General Services
Molline Smith, Montgomery Planning Commission
Robin Riley, Department of Recreation
Claudia Rousseau, Montgomery College
James Song, Montgomery County Public Schools
Patricia Shepherd, Department of Transportation
Shellie Williams, Gaithersburg Arts Barn
Betty Wisda, City of Rockville
Patricia McManus, Montgomery Parks, M-NCPPC
Eleanor Choi, AHCMC Board Member

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