Community Research Surveys

We want to hear from you! AHCMC currently has two active surveys that allow residents of Montgomery County to share with us how you participate in the arts and humanities and what community assets, places and spaces are important to you and your community. All residents of Montgomery County are encouraged to participate, especially those who identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color), LGBTQ, members of an immigrant community, or a members of a disabilities community.

What does art mean to you and your community?

AHCMC invites Montgomery County residents to share their thoughts and ideas about art, culture, heritage, and humanities with us. Please fill out the Community Arts & Culture Survey below to help us better understand the many ways creative and cultural experiences are defined in the varied and diverse communities throughout the county.

Complete the survey!

What places and spaces are important to you and your community?

AHCMC wants to better understand where local people and communities connect with, experience, and express creativity and culture. Below is a link to Maptionnaire, an online mapping activity that will help residents identify these spaces by co-creating maps that show where they connect with culture and creativity in their communities.

First, Maptionnaire will ask you a few brief questions about yourself and where you reside and then the tool will allow you to place and identify points on a map of Montgomery County. You can add as many points as you like and can check back in every week to see how the map in evolving! Don’t worry if you don’t the exact location or if the space/place you want to add is virtual or moves. For these places or spaces you can use the “type a response” button to add a point that may not easily be mapped.

Launch the Maptionnaire Tool!


Thank you for taking time to participate in our community research project. Please email Deputy Director, Joe Frandoni at if you have any questions or require any support completing the community survey or using Maptionnaire.