Capital Grants

*AHCMC is no longer administering Capital Grants for arts and humanities organizations.*

Arts and humanities organizations interested in applying for a Capital Grant must apply through the Montgomery County Grants Office.

For more information about Capital Grants, please contact the Montgomery County Grants Office or visit their website:

Information about FY23 Capital Grants can be found here:

Please note that organizations may apply for a Capital Grant through the County or an Advancement Grant through AHCMC, but not both within the same fiscal year.

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Montgomery County Grants Office
Capital Grants Hotline
(240) 777-7935
Rafael Pumarejo Murphy
Fiscal Policy Analyst at the Office of Management and Budget for Montgomery County
(240) 777-2775
Previously Awarded Grants

FY20 Capital Improvement Project Grants (CIP)

*In FY20 and in years past, Capital Grants were administered by AHCMC*

$253,581 awarded for July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021

Capital Improvement Project Grants provide supplemental funding to assist arts and humanities organizations in attaining stability and long-term viability. Four organizations received FY20 awards within this category.

View previous grants awarded for CIP and other grant categories.

Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture, Inc.

Glen Echo, Maryland ($88,833)

Grant funds will be used to conduct restoration and preservation of Glen Echo Park’s historic Spanish Ballroom exterior. Work will include repairs, cleaning, and painting of the stucco walls, window frames, and doors of the facility. The grantee will also replace the roof over the addition (Ballroom Back Room.) The project will ensure that the entire exterior of the Spanish Ballroom will be free of mildew staining and leaks, and be fully restored.

Imagination Stage

Bethesda, Maryland ($41,150)

Grant funds will be used to undertake repairs to the organization’s 16-year-old facility in Bethesda to prevent the failure of Imagination Stage’s HVAC control system, add supplemental duct heaters to correct heating deficiencies in the applicant’s building, and replace damaged flooring that currently present safety hazards to patrons.

Montgomery Community Media

Rockville, Maryland ($43,597.50)

Grant funds will be used for enhancements to Montgomery Community Media’s (MCM) new Silver Spring location, the Alexander House. The project includes branding on the building exterior, the construction of a set for media classes and video productions, and equipment for media training. Additionally, to meet the surging demand for audio and video podcasts, a professional grade audio booth for the Rockville studio will be built. These improvements will bring new contributors to MCM, expand fundraising, and aid sustainability by providing new revenue sources.

Sandy Spring Museum

Sandy Spring, Maryland ($80,000)

Grant funds will be used to make transformative improvements to the museum’s exterior, buildings and grounds. The project includes the repair and repainting of the exterior wood siding, installing two conservation gardens, planting a third garden with native species, enhancing exterior lighting to emphasize the facility’s award-winning architecture, and improved visibility and usability of the grounds at night. Improvements will make the property more usable by the public, increase the visibility of the museum, and increase private facility rentals.