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  • Must be a current grantee of AHCMC
  • Must be a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization registered with the Office of the Secretary as per the 
    Maryland Solicitations Act

Matching Funds Project Focus Areas

  • Click here for a full description of our five project focus areas
    • COVID-19 Emergency Relief has been added as a focus area for FY2020
    • Matching Funds for FY2020 launch on Friday, March 27th at 5:00pm EST

Project Guidelines:

  • Projects must be between $1,000 and $10,000
  • Power2give.org applies a total of 12% in fees to credit card donations.
    • 3% Credit Card processing, 5.25% in administrative fees, and 3.75% in licensing fees.
    • No fees are applied to available matching funds through the platform.
    • Each organization receives 88% of each approved donation and 100% of each match.
    • This averages to 6% of the total project, similar to Kickstarter and other platforms.
  • Projects may fundraise past their goal, but donations after the goal is met will not be matched.
    • Example. For an $8,000 project, all donations will be matched (when available) until the project goal is met. Once the project meets the $8,000 goal, any new donations will be processed, but those donations will not be matched.
    • A statement on how additional funds will be used if your goal is exceeded is also required.
  • The Arts and Humanities Council is the nonprofit of record for all donations and will send all IRS Acknowledgement Letters to donors automatically by email.
    • Each donation is designated to the project’s fundraising organization, and organizations are able to download the contact information and transaction history for their donors.
    • Fundraisers are encouraged to thank donors and steward the relationship. This is a donor acquisition tool as well as a fundraising tool!
  • Organizations may not raise money for a project that has already been completed.
    • Projects cannot offset already incurred debt such as a new floor that has already been installed or a production that has already started performances.
  • Matching funds are applied in real time to project goal totals when available
    • Example: If a $100 donation is received when matching funds are available at a $1-to-$1 match, $200 will be applied to the project: $100 for the donation and $100 for the match.
    • Matching funds are not guaranteed and are available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Projects can be no longer than 90 days.

    How to Register and New User Training:

    1. Watch the tutorial below on registering your organization with power2give.org and posting your first project.
    2. E-mail Joe Frandoni at Joe.Frandoni@creativemoco.com once you have watched the training video and completed registration


    Marketing and Communications Materials

    Marketing toolkit

    1. Overview and Style Guide
    2. Posting Your Project
    3. The Marketing Plan
    4. Using Social Media
    5. E-mail Marketing
    6. E-mail Templates
    7. Rallying the Troops
    8. Stewardship


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    Marketing Professional Development Videos:

    Effective power2give.org Project Marketing

    Finding new Donors with power2give.org