Culture Spotlight

The weekly Culture Spotlight E-blast is Montgomery County’s premier arts and humanities newsletter featuring a diverse array of cultural news, events, ticket giveaways and special promotions every Thursday.  


    • A Spotlighted event cannot be repeated for another four (4) weeks.
    • An organization may choose an additional promotion (BOOST) via one of the following;
      – Giveaway (included in all MarketPower subscriptions)
      – Spotlight Leaderboard Ad (NEW included in all MarketPower subscriptions)
      – Web Ad (included in Tier II and Tier III MarketPower subscriptions)
      – Press Release (NEW Must be sent at least two weeks before event date)
      – Sponsored Content ($250 submitted stories, $350 written stories)
      – Dedicated Eblast ($500)
    • Camps will no longer be featured in the weekly Culture Spotlight. A special monthly roundup will be sent.
    • Auditions will no longer be featured in the weekly Culture Spotlight. Auditions must be listed on’s classified section.


    All MarketPower Subscribers are invited to participate in CultureSpotMC’s Ticket Giveaway Program.

    What is it?

    • The Weekly Giveaway Program is a sweepstakes hosted on that is designed to increase online traffic and digital engagement while collecting new e-mail addresses for the participating organization.
    • View the current Ticket Giveaway on

    How does it work?

    • Donate 2-8 tickets to a performance, event, or workshop of your choice
    • Send AHCMC your logo and promotional image and/or youtube video
    • AHCMC designs the Giveaway Graphics
    • Your Giveaway will be promoted in the Culture Spotlight E-blast and on CultureSpotMC’s social media channels
    • The list of names and emails for everyone who entered your giveaway will be sent to you by AHCMC
    • AHCMC will contact the winner but you will handle all logistics of the winner collecting their prize (tickets).

    This is a wonderful opportunity for institutional marketing and an easy way to acquire new e-mail addresses and potential attendees.

    How to participate?

    Participating is easy, simply email with the Wednesday you would like your Giveaway to go live. Giveaways run for one week (Wednesday to Wednesday) and should be reserved at LEAST two weeks in advance. Please make sure you give yourself ample time to reach out to the winner regarding claiming her/his tickets.

    How many Ticket Giveaways can I participate in per fiscal year?

    • Tier 3 MarketPower Subscribers: 4 Ticket Giveaways
    • Tier 2 MarketPower Subscribers: 2 Ticket Giveaways
    • Tier 1 MarketPower Subscribers: 1 Ticket Giveaway


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