Executive Leadership Series

Take your organization to the next level with the Executive Leadership Series. These events will give you the opportunity to explore new technologies, network with peers and build capacity.

These events are open to senior level staff of past and present AHCMC grantee organizations and their Boards. AHCMC’s goal in presenting this leadership development initiative is to inform, enhance and strengthen leadership in the arts and humanities.

FY21 Series:

Resilience in Crises Leadership: Recognizing & Preventing Burnout & Stress – 7/30/20
Burnout affects all of us, but the current pandemic, political climate, and economic crises have increased uncertainty, stress, and responsibility for executive leaders at nonprofit arts and humanities organizations across the country. These new and heightened variables make all of us more susceptible to burnout, but this time of change also provides new opportunities for personal, professional, and leadership growth.

Rebuilding Your Leadership Toolbox for Resilience, Energy and Inspiration!
Add “leading through a pandemic” to your list of achievements. We’ve all navigated some incredible hurdles with courage and grace recently; we know it’s been tough, but we know you are too! So lets re-envision and champion restorative leadership together in our new reality in this interactive three-part virtual series.

      1. Timing is Everything – 10/8/20
        Simple tips to manage your time; concrete actions that can help maintain your energy; easy techniques to reclaim space that focus on positive, forward momentum.
      2. Where is All Your Energy Going? – 11/5/20
        Your days are full of small and large decisions. Learn more about how to make the best choices with confidence, utilizing prioritization and delegation techniques that keep everyone united and mission-focused. Register HERE.
      3. It’s All About You – 12/3/20
        A lot of us want to power through this time and wait to take care of ourselves once we’re on the other side, but our new reality presents unique opportunities for connection and strength that shouldn’t be overlooked. Rediscover the “why” of self care and the value it can bring to both leaders and their staff. Registration Coming Soon!

Programming, Events, and Reopening the Arts and Humanities During a Pandemic – 10/14/20

This 60-minute panel discussion featured four professionals from across the country that have been successfully producing virtual content, physically distant live events, fundraisers, and on-campus education programs during the pandemic. The panelists will provide tips on what has worked for them, what they think we need to best understand in on to re-open successfully, and how we might consider communicating our plans with audiences, donors, and community stakeholders.