Link Roundup: Gap's social media policy, #loyaltyweek and 5 things to say to your

If you’re not following us on Twitter at @creativemoco, you’re missing out! Michael Orlove is moving from Chicago to the D.C. area to work for the National Endowment for the Arts, and we encouraged everyone to tweet under the #whymoco hashtag about why he should move to Montgomery County! Lots of great stuff — search #whymoco to see everyone’s responses.
Anyway, here are the articles we tweeted this week:


Takeaways: This panel discussed engagement on Facebook beyond the sheer number of “likes.” (Apparently, page posts only reach an average of 16% of fans who’ve liked a page.) The panel talked about engaging with fans through third-party apps (like BandPage, and Bopler).


Takeaways: Gap packaged their social media policy in a digestible, relatable way — so, so awesome. I’m disappointed the full brochure and the full policy aren’t available for the public, but this teaser is certainly enough inspiration for our own social media policies.


Takeaways: TRG Arts has started a conversation on Twitter on how to build patron loyalty — join the conversation and see others’ thoughts at the #loyaltyweek hashtag!


Takeaways: Basically, ask for help, give help and recognition and ‘fess up.
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