Link Roundup: Facebook Timeline, adopting new technology and "layering"

Here are the articles we tweeted this week…


Buckle up, kiddos, cause a change is a-comin’. On March 30, all Facebook pages will automatically be converted to the new Timeline Design. Things you should pay attention to, among others: your cover photo, adding milestones to reflect your organization’s history and utilizing the new “pinned post” feature. Click through and learn all about it.


Sometimes adopting a new technology can be as challenging as acquiring it. Read about how behavior modification can make your transition to a new technology less painful.


There are three Arts & Entertainment Districts in Montgomery County: Bethesda, Silver Spring and Wheaton. Aside from providing tax breaks to artists, developers and businesses, they’re also major economic drivers. Click through for the story.


Layering is the new and more effective multi-tasking. According to the article, you “do tasks that require different different ‘channels’ of mental functioning such as visual, auditory, manual or language.” For example, listen to a podcast while cleaning your desk, or go to the gym with a friend (to meet a social need and a health need).
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