#ArtHappensHere Murals

In an effort to promote the safe reopening of Montgomery County’s creative economy and cultural industry, the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC) commissioned eight local artists to mount temporary public art murals that encourage residents and visitors to reengage with the arts and humanities sector.



Click on the name to see each artist’s mural concept, location, and contact info.
Dinah Myers Schroeder

Concept: “Joy” Back 2 Life

Location: Sandy Spring Museum

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram


Felisa Federman

Concept: Hands, birds, and a heart as a sun. The colorful hands represent the cultural diversity of our community.

Locations: Bender JCC and Glen Echo Park Partnership for Arts and Culture

Website: felisafederman.com

Social Media: Facebook

Arlette Jassel

Concept: N/A

Location: Olney Theatre Center

Website: arlettejassel.com

Social Media: Facebook

Marcie Wolf Hubbard

Concept: A collage of sunflowers

Location: Countryside Artisans

Website: marciewolfhubbard.com

Social Media: Facebook

Martina Sestakova

Concept: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” These are words in Mary Oliver’s poem “Summer Day”. Oliver is my favorite poet and I draw on her observations about the human life for my abstract explorations.

Location: National Capital Trolley Museum

Website: radostbymartinasestakova.com

Social Media: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Robert S. Cohen

Concept: “In The Stacks”
The idea is to visualize a positive image of community inclusiveness and interaction with a colorful representation of abstracted figures.

Locations: BlackRock Center for the Arts and Dance Exchange

Website: robertstuartcohen.net 

Social Media: Facebook

Liliane Blom

Concept: “Four Seasons” showcases women of many ages (from 14 to 90) and many ethnicities (including immigrants to our state, representing 5 different continents and 9 different countries.)


Location: Takoma Park Arts

Website: lilianeblom.com

Social Media: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Sandra Perez Ramos

Concept: “Hope Tree”
I view trees as symbols of strength, connection, community, cooperation. They’re home for many species and together act as one organism, the lungs of habitats. This playful tree has many bright colors that represent MoCo’s diverse, multicultural community.

Location: Montgomery Parks (Woodside Urban Park)

Website: sandraperezramos.com

Social Media: Facebook | Instagram



Thank you to the various arts organizations for working with us to find locations for the murals. Special thanks to Image360 DC-Silver Spring for printing the beautiful vinyl!


  1. Promote the safe reopening of Montgomery County’s creative economy and cultural industry
  2. Encourage residents and visitors to reengage with the arts and humanities sector
  3. Support and provide opportunities for Montgomery County artists to work


Artists installed murals in four Montgomery County regional areas: East County, Mid-County, Silver Spring, and Upcounty. Please select an artist for their specific mural location(s).