CEO Podcast: Montgomery County's FY13 Operating Budget

Listen to the latest podcast about how the FY13 recommended operating budget affects the arts and humanities:

Hi everyone, this is Suzan Jenkins, CEO of the Arts and Humanities Council and I’m please to report that the County Executive’s proposed budget calls for the appropriation of $3,286,700 to the Arts and Humanities Council for fiscal year 13. That’s level funding from FY12, and we’re very, very pleased about that.
In the context of what’s happened to many other agencies over the past years, this is really good news. In this budget, he seeks to strategically restore funding that was previously slashed to the libraries, public safety officers and social service agencies. He’s also recommended $50,000 for the management and maintenance of the Public Arts Trust in the Recreation budget, restoring about 36% to the previously zeroed out PAT budget. That’s good news all the way around.
First and foremost, I want to thank YOU for your support. I also want to thank my staff who serve as tireless cultural warriors behind the scenes to make the case for, and to help justify, our budget requests.
But the work’s just begun! Knowing what we know about the state’s need to address maintenance of effort and pensions, we know that some rocky roads may lie ahead. So now it’s time to make certain the County Council supports the County Executive’s recommendation – we can take nothing for granted.
Here are three action steps for you. You’ll also find these listed on our website just below this podcast:
1. Contact the County Executive and say thanks for recommending level funding.
2. Get connected. Sign up for AHCMC’s E-Advocacy Alerts, find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Social media and digital correspondence are our primary means of communicating with you. Whenever you see an email from us with “Advocacy Alert” in the subject line, you’ll know we’ve got news for you or we’re coordinating an advocacy action.
3. Stay tuned for our advocacy campaign. Our staff, with the advice of volunteers from the field, are developing an advocacy campaign and slogan over the next week. This is the message we’ll use as we meet with County Councilmembers to ask for level funding in FY13.
So again, thanks for ALL you do. It is highly important and greatly impactful. Onward and upward, happy spring and we look forward to seeing you at our upcoming hearings Take good care, peace.

Visit our Take Action page now for a sample letter to County Executive Leggett and other resources.