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Since 1976, the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County has nurtured the spirit of our community by supporting culture locally.  Every year, we provide grants that empower artists, scholars, and cultural institutions, enabling them to meet the special needs of our community.  From putting teaching artists back into classrooms, to helping a local dance company purchase new costumes — we are proud to be the #1 supporter of the arts and humanities in Montgomery County.  We know that your children, neighbors, and community relies on the programs and services the nonprofit arts and humanities sector provides.  

We distribute over $4.5 million in grants each year to organizations and individuals to help fund culture in our County.

Professional Development
AHCMC produces programs, webinars, newsletters, and trainings through our year that help organizations and individuals acquire the skills and knowledge they need.

Capacity Building
Through innovative programs like the Nonprofit Energy Alliance (NPEA) and Market Power, AHCMC is helping Montgomery County’s cultural sector meet their developmental and resource management goals.

AHCMC works year-round to bring awareness and action to the issues impacting Montgomery County’s community of artists, scholars, and cultural institutions.

 We rely on your donations to help make all of this possible.  Help us continue our work to protect and sustain the arts and humanities in Montgomery County.

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