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Bethesda Magazine readers are some of the County’s most influential residents and we know they support arts and humanities.

  • A recent poll of Bethesda Magazine readers revealed these facts about readers:
  • Readership 69,000
  • Residency is County-wide and not just Bethesda
  • Avg household income $223,000
  • 66% readers have kids living at home
  • 85% own their own homes
  • Avg value of home $967,000
  • 32% of readers go out to dinner 2 x week and 24% go out 3 times
  • 84.3% of readers regularly think of going to a concert, theater and or cultural events
  • 64.9% entertain/socialize and talk about things they’ve done
  • 73.9% go to movies
  • 58,000 (84.3%) of these think about the arts


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