Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC)

State Talking Points

Key Message: Support Governor O’Malley’s proposed budget
of $16.2 million for The Maryland State Arts Council and $2 million for The Special Fund for the Preservation ofthe Cultural Arts for FY 2015.


  • The Arts are ECONOMIC DRIVERS!  Maryland arts and humanities organizations support more than 11,000 full time jobs and pump $1 Billion into the economy. So when there are economic challenges, like last year’s need for $36 million for snow removal for the State of Maryland, the State can rely on this sector to pump millions of dollars into the economy from event related expenditures such as transportation, meals and gifts.

  • The arts provide HIGH RETURN ON INVESTMENT! Right now that ROI is about 4:1; for every dollar the state provides this sector generates $3.64 in economic activity. By increasing investments into the arts and humanities, the sector will increase the states’ return on its investment. Instead of trying to divvy up the existent economic pie, the arts will help to GROW the pie, lifting all sectors. 

  • Businesses are looking to gain a COMPETITIVE EDGE and the arts can make that happen! The arts make great partners and can generate opportunities for expansion to other markets. Investments in the arts can create new sources of economic value, new capital sources and lead to increased support and opportunities for businesses outside and inside of this sector.

  • The INTRINSIC VALUE of arts and humanities is huge. People “gather around the good stuff”. The arts excel in creative placemaking,  in generating positive activity around schools and in contributing to lively, walkable communities, factors that are known to attract businesses and decrease crime. Today’s brightest young workers want to live in vibrant communities and the arts and culture are key building blocks of such communities. Just look at Silver Spring—a dynamic example of the power of arts, culture and entertainment to revitalize a blighted urban area.


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