Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC)

Executive Awards Nomination FAQ

1. Can I submit multiple nominations?

   -   Yes. Multiple nominations are encouraged.

2. Can I nominate more than one person per category?

   -   Yes. 


3. Can I nominate the same person for more than one category?

   -   Yes. 


4. Will the number of nominations received affect the decision making process?
   -   No.

5. Can I nominate an organization or group of people?

   -   Organizations and groups are eligible to receive the Community Award, Education Award, and Patron Award.

   -   Groups of people or teams, but not organizations, may also be nominated for the Volunteer Award.
   -   Example: Two best friends who almost exclusively volunteer their time together.

6. Can I nominate myself?

   -   Nominators are encouraged not to nominate themselves. 

7. Does the nominee need to be a Montgomery County Resident?

   -   Neither nominators nor nominees are required to currently reside in Montgomery County, but the work they are being nominated for must have impacted Montgomery County, its residents, and/or communities. 

8. Will incomplete nominations forms be accepted?

   -   No. Forms must be fully completed with all required information in order to be accepted.


Additional Questions?

   -   Please contact Audrey Singer, Grants Assistant at


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