Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC)

Advocacy Etiquette

  • Begin every conversation with: Thank you for supporting funding for the Maryland State Arts Council over the years. Your support is very important to me/my organization.

  • Recognize your Legislator and greet with a smile. Don't know your Legislator? We can help. Click here.

  • Be courteous and friendly. Avoid preaching or lecturing.

  • Refer to Legislators as 'Senator [Last Name]' or 'Delegate [Last Name]'.

  • Introduce yourself as a representative or supporter of ____organization, in ___ (City, County).

  • Be brief and personalize your message. Include anecdotal stories about how programs and public dollars impact real people and Maryland’s and Montgomery County’s economies (click here).

  • Be sure to Make The Ask for support for Governor O'Malley's proposed budget of $16.2 Million for the Maryland State Arts Council and the $2 million for The Special Fund for the Preservation of the Cultural Arts. Specifically ask for their support. (click here)

  • Whatever the outcome, be sure to thank the official and his/her assistant/s for their time. 

  • Send a thank you note as a follow-up to your visit.

  • Enjoy your visit! Use your enthusiasm, smile, and eye contact to keep your Legislators engaged.


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