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Non-Profit Energy Alliance

The Nonprofit Energy Alliance and Groundswell are partnering to help nonprofits switch to clean energy and save money together











By joining the Community Power Program, you become part of a purchasing group with greater strength to negotiate with power companies. As part of the group, you can lower your electric bills while switching to 100% wind power. You can expect to free up resources to fund your mission while buying energy that also protects the environment and builds a greener economy.

To date over 230 organizations have saved more than $1 million on their energy bills through the Community Power Program and the Nonprofit Energy Alliance. By switching to wind power, we have reduced emissions from gas and coal to take the equivalent of 17,000 cars off the road for one year.

Interested in joining? Contact us here for more information. The Nonprofit Energy Alliance is a collaboration between the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Nonprofit Montgomery and Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington.


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The Non-Profit Energy Alliance (NPEA) is not a formal or contractual group, but an alliance of like-minded nonprofits who have joined together to use their collective purchasing power to not only secure competitive electricity supply at lower cost, but to protect the environment and build a greener economy. Since launching in May 2010, the Nonprofit Energy Alliance has helped 68 organizations purchase green energy. 

AHCMC is a proud co-founder of the Nonprofit Energy Alliance. For more information, click here.

Learn more about why and how the Non-Profit Energy Alliance was founded!


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