Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (AHCMC)

Strategic Partnerships

Like Cleopatra and Marc Anthony, strategic partnerships are formal alliances -- but not legal partnerships -- between two entities that share a desire to reach and serve similar audiences. Typically, two entities form a strategic partnership when each possesses one or more business assets that will help the other.

In order to expand services to broader audiences and audiences, AHCMC has developed a number of strategic partnerships over the last year, including...


Mayorga Coffee Arts and Humanities Blend

AHCMC teamed up with Mayorga Coffee to create the specialty Arts and Humanities Blend. 15% of the proceeds go to AHCMC so we can continue to provide quality workshops, classes and other services to Montgomery County's arts and humanities organizations. Visit our Mayorga page to learn more.

Non-Profit Energy Alliance

AHCMC serves as key partner in the Nonprofit Energy Alliance/Energy Purchasing Forum. Get Green and Get Clean--Energy that is! Launched in May 2010 with 12 organizations, the Alliance purchased clean energy equivalent to offsetting over 1200 metric tons of CO2 annually or to taking nearly 250 cars off the road. See the press release in our Newsroom. Click here to learn more about NPEA.

Census 2010

AHCMC partnered with Census 2010 on the development of co-branded grocery bags promoting Do & Go in eight of the county's most frequently used languages. The bags have been distributed widely in the County. Census data affects funding for our community, our community's representation in Congress and our community leader's planning decisions. Let's ensure that Montgomery County has the funding and voice it needs for the future by participating in Census 2010.

Promoting Arts, Heritage and Humanities Programming

AHCMC partnered with the Montgomery County Convention and Visitors Bureau to spur cultural tourism by providing the CVB web-based calendar of events (80,000 unique visitors) with a data-feed from our Do & Go calendar.

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