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          Past, Present and Future by Cheryl Foster and Cheryl Teichberg at the Upper County Community Center

Help shape the look and design of communities across Montgomery County. Take the Montgomery County Public Art Survey Today

Public art has emerged as an important part of the fabric of Montgomery County over the past thirty years. More than three hundred works of art can be found in urban centers like Rockville, Bethesda and Silver Spring, and in the county’s parks, schools and community facilities. 

 The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County is embarking on a “Roadmap” process that will chart new directions for public art in the County – where it should be located, what types of projects should be developed, and how it should foster community life, economic vitality and cultural diversity.

The public is being asked to share its thoughts via an online survey. The brief survey provides an opportunity for people to identify art projects that they have seen in the County, suggest how public art should impact the County overall, and give feedback on priorities for new projects.

The deadline for responses will be April 30. Everyone is encouraged to take part. If you care about public art, about the look and feel of public spaces, or about the County’s creative sector, this is an important opportunity for you to lend your voice to the discussion about what directions public art will take in Montgomery County.

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